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The concept
The Accounting Factory is a high quality, scalable architecture capable of handling a high volume of accounting transactions. It is the first of its kind in the organized segment of the accounting, compliance and taxation sectors.
The Accounting Factory helps you standardize, record, store, retrieve and report all your business transactions and also helps you to capture your true and fair financial position, closely monitor your cash flow, solve compliance issues, leverage on efficient tax structuring and facilitate audit processes.

The Accounting Factory was conceptualized in 2009 by a team of dynamic, progressive professionals looking to bring clarity, quality and efficiency to current accounting processes.
The technology base was developed over three years by Softcons, Inc., an American based technology firm, with over 20 years of experience in the field of ERP.
A careful system of automation and standardization was developed in tandem with the technology base, with the help of expert management consultants and chartered accountants. A creative team worked with all other teams to build in innovative features into the code base, and to shape the overall process of bringing the product to fruition.

Our value proposition
Accounting Factory services help your business:

  • Drive up efficiency on accounting processes by using next generation accounting technology.
  • Improve quality of book-keeping and financial records.
  • Generate timely reports and maintain rigorous compliance adherence.
  • Standardize financial data across the business.
With the Accounting Factory, you also gain the advantage of:
  • Full data redundancy and disaster recovery.
  • Innovative and flexible data input methodology.
  • Lower cost of access to futuristic technology.
  • Access to the application of hands-on expertise of seasoned financial and management professionals.
  • Timely resolution of special taxation and compliance queries by experts (for premium clients).

Our current status
Today, over 50 clients are realizing the benefits of Accounting Factory’s accounting and financial transaction services.

20 of these have opted for premium level services such as management consulting, special compliance and on-demand issue resolution.

Our future prospects
We have a potential client base of 500 clients seeking various services from our allied practices such as our Software Services and Human Resource services, which steadily grows with each day.

We constantly push ourselves to innovate, refine and improve ourselves in all aspects, be it technology, service delivery or client proximity.